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Over 5 Million Nationwide Checks

Completed Over 30-Years

Since 1986, our Background Check Company has provided services nationwide, with over 5 Million checks completed over 30-Years.  The Accu-Facts Company is 100% FCRA compliant over these many years!

WHY:  Physical “On-Site” source documentation.  Checks with authentic documentation from courthouse case file data or source agencies,  on every task, is our definition of FCRA compliance.  Non-Public data summarized in a database format is questionable, since the 3rd party is manipulating the data to fit it’s software platform.   Think about it for a moment?  Will the evidence hold up with a consumer challenge?  Our approach solves that problem.

Our company provides Pre-Employment Background Screening checks, Employee checks for promotion, we handle all your 3rd Party Vendor checks to gain proper facility access, along with verifying and meeting compliance with Non-Profit & Volunteer checks, at all levels nationwide.

If you are involved with Mergers, Acquisitions, Loan Applications, Contracts for Services or Production, or you have a one-time business transaction, YOU need certainty to engage!  We give you that Due Diligence service timely and comprehensively, as desired!

We offer and conduct nationwide public records research.  “The Accu-Facts Company” locates, obtains, and delivers genuine Applicant screening information from the source, Task by Task, to confirm and validate the “historical” data, from the Applicant, the Intern, the Volunteer or your Third Party Vendor.

The individual Courthouse or Agency checks represent our primary service and we complete each task with mindfulness and actions toward 100% FCRA and Regulatory compliance, but 100% accuracy with the Name Index research.

“Transactional” certainty is our job on every assignment for Human Resources, Security and Safety personnel, Field Sales and Support Operations, Employee Benefits, and within your Logistics department too.

Our job is to obtain and deliver FACTUAL and PROVEN information that matters to your hiring due diligence and business decisions – Contact Us Today for a FREE DEMO related to any of our services!  Thank you.

Background Checks

  • FCRA Compliant
  • Essential Timeliness and Accuracy
  • 100% Guarantee

Do you really know whom you've hired?


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