100% FCRA Compliance | Documented Criminal Convictions!

Hiring in today’s marketplace is a challenge for sure.  The financial burden to locate, then get a person into the on-boarding process is valuable time and money and it matters to execute properly.  Long-term success and ROI commences immediately with each new hire, no matter the size of your organization.  Getting it done right matters, right now today!

Employment Background Screening tasks must be conducted in the Pre-Employment segment of your hiring program and it is crucial toward your long-term growth, employee morale, and for the workplace safety you need to attract and retain those valuable employees, partners, and others involved with your business.

Now comes the COMPLIANCE part of the hiring process.  We can help you meet FCRA Compliance from the first hiring task, we help you meet STATUTORY Compliance to create the audit trail REQUIRED to satisfy federal and state level regulators, and we provide the compliant support documentation, as part of our service on every task and every Applicant.

Our role is clearly defined.  We have a 100% FCRA compliance record with over 5-Million Background Checks completed, since 1986.  Now in our 31st year of nationwide operations, our longevity is due to our hands-on process, the quality of our personalized work effort to analyze and report factual data from the authentic source agency and/or public record, and it is conveyed to our clients in an easy, understandable communication with factual and compliant documentation attached.  Turnaround time is usually Same Day to 36-Hours.

Your hiring decisions become evident once each Background Check task is completed.  Proven and factual data from the source is the key element to our quality reports.  More than an “Online Database” result, we prove the “Personal Identifying Information” (PII data) on each task, so there are “NO Name Matches”, “NO Guess Work”, and “NO Short Cuts”!  That’s the key to our 100% FCRA compliance record!

I know we can help you with one or more aspects of your current program.  We provide access to our SmartSheet Platform at no cost to our clients.  This platform provides an Inventory of all subject names, along with the results for FREE.

Please contact me today to make arrangements.  Thanks in advance for your kindness and the opportunity to improve your Background Screening and Hiring Due Diligence program.  Joseph Hirsch |  800-336-1001  |  www.EmploymentScreening.com