Business History | Since 1986

The Accu-Facts Company is an established nationwide provider of Background Checks for Applicant Pre-Employment screening tasks, for your Employee promotion process, for compliant 3rd Party Vendor access, along with background checks for Interns, Volunteers and with Non_Profit activities, at your organization.  You need accurate, timely, and comprehensive information to validate a business decision, so that is our primary service to all our clients.

Pre-Employment screening

Other circumstances may require insightful business information, which is utilized for Contracts, Agreements, Partnership arrangements, Mergers, Acquisitions, Business loans, Lease agreements, and Venture Capital investments, for example, while one can define the mandatory due diligence tasks as required for their precise transaction. We can do this job _ No problem.

Any authentic case file or agency information available in the public domain is what we can gather and convey to you and your team.  We give you public data that is real time, complete, and authentic from the source agency or courthouse.