Why Choose Our Firm?

Quality and Value | Earning Your Trust

Our firm’s trademark service is defined by our daily on-site work effort to locate and acquire authentic source documentation, for each individual task.  Online research does not mean completeness and accuracy, so we define compliance for you.

Employment Background Check

For us, “Quality” equals accurate, complete case file data, plus that work effort represents “real time” data.     Our “Value” narrative is that we do the compliant work-up, on the initial visit, with no return trips needed, since we are already on-site at the courthouse, or agency, as required.  Consider the factors that matter to you and choose us today.  Background Checks | Document Retrieval | Hiring Due Diligence Nationwide.

  • Liability Protection – Errors and Omissions Insurance coverage.
  • Well Versed in FCRA, DPPA, EEOC, and local, state and federal laws.
  • Free record consultations, for the tasks conducted & data gathered.
  • Beneficial HR, Security, Safety, Benefits & Operational Support.
  • An unblemished record with 100% FCRA Compliance.
  • Onsite Courthouse and Agency retrieval experience, for genuine, case file data.
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