Alexa _ Are You a Criminal?

Privacy of Personal Identifying Information, or “PII” data, is a concern growing exponentially in the current social media environment, but also with the Hardware and APPS associated to the “FANG” companies, and many other firms, as they are called on the street.

Where do you think YOU stand with your “PII” data being breached, stolen, and used to steal your money, or Can it Harm You in Other Ways, you never dreamed about…?  What is the definition of privacy you voluntarily give away every day?

Once your data is in cyberspace, it most likely will be there forever, you may agree.  Like Background Checks that establish past conduct and work habits for employment, these devices are breaking new ground in the legal aspects of your conversations, whom you converse with, what you say aloud and what data is being gathered on YOU!

This recent story below concerns a lawsuit against Amazon related to the Privacy issues, State laws that vary by State, and the Legal Rights of individuals in the social media environment, which are the same rights you may have when using that social media Hardware, and what happens to the stored information after the fact?  All good questions each of us must consider into the future.