Multi_Task Industry Solutions

Employment background screening is the utilization of multiple background checks and screening tasks, called “Packages”.  These packages are a series of precise steps to confirm one’s Identity and the Applicant’s employment eligibility.  Once Identity and Worker Eligibility is established for the person, other proactive screening tools are used to support your hiring, on-boarding, or promotion decision.  Our job is to gather that data independently and make those comparisons to the applicant’s assertions.  Proven, factual data is the real basis for your decision.

Typically, multi-task background check “Packages” are offered by “Industry Sector” or by the “Type of Job”.  Choosing a suggested “Package” allows for individual tasks to be changed, as you desire for each job.  Questions?  Contact our office and seek the clarity you need. |  800-336-1001.

Pre-Employment screening