Specialty Background Screening Tasks, for FCRA Compliance

Each of the illustrated “Specialty Employment Background Screening Tasks” below relate to confirming the Applicant’s Identity, the Worker Eligibility status of the Applicant, via E-Verify and Social Security Administration, along with us documenting both public record information (Criminal Convictions, for example) and non-public record information (having a Valid DMV license, for example).  Factual and proven data is the key to successful hiring and to meet the real intent of FCRA Compliance too.  Fake data must be found, while “Red Flags” compared to the FACTUAL DATA must be validated promptly, at the time of the research, in our opinion.

For example, employment related Drug screening and Fingerprinting solutions, which may be required for certain jobs, is also available, where necessary to meet compliance or clients access guidelines.  Specialty tasks are items to be arranged in advance, with our Accu-Facts staff, so please contact our office to make those arrangements.

Drug screening and Fingerprinting solutions