Boots on the Ground

We Are: “Boots on the Ground”!

WHY is it so important for your Hiring Program?

Simple answer is “Boots on the Ground” guarantees “FCRA compliance, EEOC compliance, and CLIENT facility access compliance”. It means on-site field work-up is mandatory with “adverse or derogatory” results for all Background Checks. Authentic proof matters for identity and for mitigating HR and workplace hiring risks.

For example, a “national database search” for criminal history records and convictions is termed to be an “aggregated public record” database search. There’s nothing official about it, while it is record data with no physical on-site validation.

An unsubstantiated database result is only a “screening tool”, just like each of the other Tasks you include with your Applicant screening process. “The Accu-Facts Company” changes the entire narrative: We are your “Boots on the Ground” for FCRA compliance and Applicant identity, for all tasks and checks conducted.

NO Short Cuts | NO Guesswork | Factual Data FCRA Compliance Experts

Most negligent hiring lawsuits are due to “database” record results lacking any ID proof. Results are Name Matches only with no field work-up, no validation, and no confirmation, from the source agency!

“Old School” is our approach when it comes to protecting you, your company, and your existing workforce. Reducing your hiring risks is our primary job, period. With over 5 Million background checks completed nationwide, “The Accu-Facts Company” has a 100% FCRA compliance record, a fact that is our most important accomplishment. Our quality work is a defined process to protect you and the firm.