Business Email Compromise Schemes (BEC): White Collar Crime!

We know the White Collar Crime threats today are electronic, they come from around the world, and they can impact any Firm and any particular person, at any time.  With so much electronic process and software platforms that we use daily, every “touch point” is the weak link to a Cyber Attack of one sort or another.

A great American company like Caterpillar got hit recently, but fortunately the FBI made a significant arrest in the cyber email attack, with “Trojan Horse” software, etc.  Read the article linked below and take the appropriate action you and your team may need or you may need to install.

It is never easy today running your company, but being attacked daily is the most pressing concern when it “happens to YOU”.  Meanwhile, we emphasize knowledge and careful review of all 3rd Party Vendors working your IT environment.  Just like the software and related electronic process, watching the “in-house store” also means attacks from within.  Do the necessary background work upfront and help protect yourself in this very difficult environment.   800-336-1001.  Call us today., then FBI-Arrests-Nigerian-Suspect under “Fraud Management and Cyber Crime” tab.