COVID-19 | We Must Reopen America Soon!

Looking Ahead:Operations will be Different Moving Forward, but

Fighting Fear is Key and Know that Businesses Must Reopen Soon!


Hello and hope you and your team are doing well and planning for the future business opportunities awaiting us, when we can get an “all clear medical” decision.  Restoring baseline growth and getting back on target are short-term goals, for sure, so keep your faith and trust your original business instincts that led to your prior success and client relationships.

 This message conveys the fact that when your business and services ramp up again, we are available to help your firm with all your Background Checks and Hiring Due Diligence requirements.

 All our professional research and service options are available today!  The issue of closed courthouses and limited public access for documentation is the only item that would be delayed until a national reopening to a “redefined” workplace.  Otherwise, we can provide the following normal course of business services within 36-hours, which is our usual and customary process:

  •  Criminal History Court record checks
  • Law Enforcement State Police checks
  • CIVIL Filings checks for Names and  Firms
  • DMV Driving History reports for Applicants
  • Capture All national database criminal research
  • SSN Trace Reports for identity & address validation
  • Recorders of Deeds, Foreclosures, Structured Settlements, et al.

Contact us today and start getting your reopening under way !

Joseph Hirsch, Director of Operations | Call 800-336-1001 for questions or clarity as needed.