Cyber Crime is CRIMINAL Intent Always!

22 Texas Towns Hit With Ransomware Attack In ‘New Front’ Of Cyberassault
Investigators haven’t identified who or what is behind the attack that took systems offline, but the Texas Department of Information Resources says the evidence points to “one single threat actor.”

Discovering information about this attack, one can realize that a single 3rd Party software platform seems to be the entry point for this criminal attempt.  This type cyber attack is becoming more common, as there have been many lower government jurisdictions, municipalities, and agencies caught in this ransomware type problem.

Never an easy answer when cyber attacked, but it is always difficult to answer the bell unless it happens to you.  Stay diligent and be aware that “every 3rd party touch point”, with any electronic process, is always the weak link in the security chain, common terminology we are all learning about and there is always more to understand.  Call us if you need help. 800-336-1001

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