Cyber Crime:

Today, all Consumers, and Society as a whole, has to deal with DATABASE BREACHES that expose YOU to fraud, criminal cyber crimes, and theft of YOUR money online and otherwise.  The weak link is always the SOFTWARE PLATFORM one uses for Banking, dealing with Retailers, dealing with Medical providers, dealing with Insurance companies, or any other business one has to conduct electronic process.  Phone APPS, which is Software on your I-Phone or Android Phone, is another growing source for CRIMINAL THEFT and CYBER CRIME TO STEAL YOUR MONEY unwittingly.

This post relates to a Title company, one of the most significant firms in America, whereby they admitted to a Breach of your proprietary, personal data:  Real estate title insurance company points to “design defect” in one of its production applications!  What a great way to articulate the weak link to a Software problem, after the Fact you were harmed.

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