Applicant | Client Forms

Relevant documents and forms are contained on this Page.  You may use and/or Download the forms individually and use our Release Form, if you choose.  Simply place your Firm Name on the Release Form, Save and Print.  Other information listed below is for reference and convenience with your on-boarding process.  The documents are presented in Word.

Work Order Request Form

You can choose to email or fax your Applicant work order. Please include the “Work Order Request Form” noting the Tasks desired, along with the signed “Authorization for Release Form”. An Instant National Background database Check is always suggested on every job, which is our Capture All task.

Release Form

The form must be completed and signed by the applicant before any background screening task can be initiated.

Capture All Task

The Capture All task is the instant national Background Check we use for all Applicant jobs. Please note this task on the Work Order Request Form, on every job.

Compliance Agreement (FCRA)

Subscriber Agreement

New customers are required to meet FCRA compliance, so please complete the 1) Client Registration-Compliance Agreement (FCRA) and the 2) Subscriber Agreement forms. Any question about completing the ADMIN documents, please contact our offices.

Designated Release Forms (July 2019 Updated)
(California, Maine, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Oklahoma, Vermont, and Washington State)

Release Forms in certain States have precise content to meet State Level guidelines.  For the States of California,  Maine, Massachusetts, MN, NJ, NY, OK,  Vermont, and Washington State, please contact our office for an updated copy of the Release Form to be used today.

Summary of Your Rights

This document explains the Applicant’s rights under the current FCRA guidelines. It must be given to every applicant, along with your other on-boarding documents.

PA – DMV Driving History Report

To order one’s non-public DMV driving history report, in Pennsylvania, authorities require the Client, or the End User,to complete the “Affidavit of Intended Use Form” beforehand, to meet FCRA guidelines. This required Form must be notarized under Penndot rules, when it is conveyed for approval, over 5 to 10 business days.

WA – DMV Driving History

In order to conduct a driving history in the State of Washington, the DMV Agency requires the employer and the applicant to complete the attached form.