Fake Doctor Credentials: What About Compliance?


A story that needs an understanding of the process that allowed a Fake Doctor to be hired and operate in the first place?  Regardless of the actual steps this person took to conceal his lack of education originally, his lack of proper licensing, and the fact that precise check points along the way, did NOT prevent this person from perpetrating a fraud upon society.  Great story …. as stories go in today’s environment.  Real life events are the most compelling frauds, in our opinion.

Now that this person alleges to be properly licensed, Is the Trust factor still of concern to You ??  Let us know your thoughts and we can track this person’s story and determine that it is entirely legitimate.  The Accu-Facts Company, since 1986, helps you solve these type of issues by doing the work in the field and not just relying on database online results.  Call us today and get some TEST work done, then you and your team can make an intelligent decision about your Vendor of Choice for professional background screening.   Joseph Hirsch  |  800-336-1001