FBI _ Internet Crime Complaint Center or IC3 (STATS)

The mission of the FBI is to protect the American people and uphold the Constitution of the United States.  See the 2018 IC3 summary crime report at the link below.  Criminal convictions and apprehensions is certainly relevant when the perpetrators are found!

The purpose and mission of the IC3 Unit is to provide the public with a reliable and convenient reporting mechanism to submit information to the FBI concerning suspected Internet-facilitated criminal activity, and to develop effective alliances with industry partners.  Information is analyzed and disseminated for investigative and intelligence purposes, for law enforcement, and for public awareness.

In an effort to promote public awareness, the IC3 produces this annual report to aggregate and highlight the data provided by the general public.  The quality of the data is directly attributable to the information ingested via the public interface www.ic3.gov.

The IC3 attempts to standardize the data by categorizing each complaint based on the information provided.  The IC3 staff analyzes the data to identify trends in Internet-facilitated crimes and what those trends may represent in the coming year.