Medical Information Breach: ID Theft

Almost everyday another online data Breach is acknowledged, this time by Quest Diagnostics.  The company suggests “no Medical information was breached” only the Personal Identifying Information (or PII data) and financial credit card numbers, which is really as critical to your personal security and financial well-being as your Medical test results.

Always know that the software platform one uses with these electronic applications, with phone APPS, banking APPS, etc are always the weak link and the source “touch point” for the majority of online breaches that happen.  They simply are not as secure as the company, and the software engineers, would tell you daily.  Here is the story link:

CNBC: Quest Diagnostics says nearly 12 million patients may have had data breached

Know that our company can help you with advice and consult with you on any of these breach issues.  Securing your personal data takes an effort, one must be proactive, especially when you know your data is now in cyberspace to be exposed and/or used by cyber criminals, et al.

Always check your credit profile for FREE, at, which is the official FTC website to all 3 major credit bureaus.  End/