Pennsylvania Background Check Company

Since 1986, our Background Check Company has provided services in Pennsylvania and nationwide, with over 5 Million checks completed over 30-Years. The Accu-Facts Company is 100% FCRA compliant over these many years!

WHY:  Physical “On-Site” source documentation.  Checks with authentic documentation from courthouse case file data or source agencies,  on every task, is our definition of FCRA compliance.  Non-Public data summarized in a database format is questionable, since the 3rd party is manipulating the data to fit it’s software platform.   Think about it for a moment?  Will the evidence hold up with a consumer challenge?  Our approach solves that problem.

Background Check Services

  • Employment, Employment History
  • Jobs
  • Screening
  • Verification
  • Credit Check

Our company provides Pre-Employment Background Screening checks, Employee checks for promotion, we handle all your 3rd Party Vendor checks to gain proper facility access, along with verifying and meeting compliance with Non-Profit & Volunteer checks, at all levels in Pennsylvania and nationwide.