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Looking Ahead:Operations will be Different Moving Forward, but

Fighting Fear is Key and Know that Businesses Must Reopen Soon!


Hello and hope you and your team are doing well and planning for the future business opportunities awaiting us, when we can get an “all clear medical” decision.  Restoring baseline growth and getting back on target are short-term goals, for sure, so keep your faith and trust your original business instincts that led to your prior success and client relationships.

 This message conveys the fact that when your business and services ramp up again, we are available to help your firm with all your Background Checks and Hiring Due Diligence requirements.

 All our professional research and service options are available today!  The issue of closed courthouses and limited public access for documentation is the only item that would be delayed until a national reopening to a “redefined” workplace.  Otherwise, we can provide the following normal course of business services within 36-hours, which is our usual and customary process:

  •  Criminal History Court record checks
  • Law Enforcement State Police checks
  • CIVIL Filings checks for Names and  Firms
  • DMV Driving History reports for Applicants
  • Capture All national database criminal research
  • SSN Trace Reports for identity & address validation
  • Recorders of Deeds, Foreclosures, Structured Settlements, et al.

Contact us today and start getting your reopening under way !

Joseph Hirsch, Director of Operations | Call 800-336-1001 for questions or clarity as needed.


Cyber Crime is CRIMINAL Intent Always!

22 Texas Towns Hit With Ransomware Attack In ‘New Front’ Of Cyberassault
Investigators haven’t identified who or what is behind the attack that took systems offline, but the Texas Department of Information Resources says the evidence points to “one single threat actor.”

Discovering information about this attack, one can realize that a single 3rd Party software platform seems to be the entry point for this criminal attempt.  This type cyber attack is becoming more common, as there have been many lower government jurisdictions, municipalities, and agencies caught in this ransomware type problem.

Never an easy answer when cyber attacked, but it is always difficult to answer the bell unless it happens to you.  Stay diligent and be aware that “every 3rd party touch point”, with any electronic process, is always the weak link in the security chain, common terminology we are all learning about and there is always more to understand.  Call us if you need help. 800-336-1001

Read in NPR:

Business Email Compromise Schemes (BEC): White Collar Crime!

We know the White Collar Crime threats today are electronic, they come from around the world, and they can impact any Firm and any particular person, at any time.  With so much electronic process and software platforms that we use daily, every “touch point” is the weak link to a Cyber Attack of one sort or another.

A great American company like Caterpillar got hit recently, but fortunately the FBI made a significant arrest in the cyber email attack, with “Trojan Horse” software, etc.  Read the article linked below and take the appropriate action you and your team may need or you may need to install.

It is never easy today running your company, but being attacked daily is the most pressing concern when it “happens to YOU”.  Meanwhile, we emphasize knowledge and careful review of all 3rd Party Vendors working your IT environment.  Just like the software and related electronic process, watching the “in-house store” also means attacks from within.  Do the necessary background work upfront and help protect yourself in this very difficult environment.   800-336-1001.  Call us today., then FBI-Arrests-Nigerian-Suspect under “Fraud Management and Cyber Crime” tab.


Fake Doctor Credentials: What About Compliance?

A story that needs an understanding of the process that allowed a Fake Doctor to be hired and operate in the first place?  Regardless of the actual steps this person took to conceal his lack of education originally, his lack of proper licensing, and the fact that precise check points along the way, did NOT prevent this person from perpetrating a fraud upon society.  Great story …. as stories go in today’s environment.  Real life events are the most compelling frauds, in our opinion.

Now that this person alleges to be properly licensed, Is the Trust factor still of concern to You ??  Let us know your thoughts and we can track this person’s story and determine that it is entirely legitimate.  The Accu-Facts Company, since 1986, helps you solve these type of issues by doing the work in the field and not just relying on database online results.  Call us today and get some TEST work done, then you and your team can make an intelligent decision about your Vendor of Choice for professional background screening.   Joseph Hirsch  |  800-336-1001


Criminal Convictions : The New PENNSYLVANIA Landscape!

Historic Pennsylvania Law To Seal Millions Of Criminal Charges Automatically
Starting Friday, July 5, 2019, Pennsylvania will be the first state to automatically seal criminal records for non-convictions, summary offenses and most nonviolent misdemeanor convictions.  What that means is that authentic public record filings will disappear and will no longer be available for public inspection.

WHY is that a good thing for the millions of law-abiding citizens compared to those that have those criminal record filings?  Here is the link to the article, most likely effecting public records with the most court filings in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Harrisburg, York, Scranton, Wilkes-Barre, Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton and Lancaster counties.

Read in NPR:

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100% FCRA Compliance | Documented Criminal Convictions!

Hiring in today’s marketplace is a challenge for sure.  The financial burden to locate, then get a person into the on-boarding process is valuable time and money and it matters to execute properly.  Long-term success and ROI commences immediately with each new hire, no matter the size of your organization.  Getting it done right matters, right now today!

Employment Background Screening tasks must be conducted in the Pre-Employment segment of your hiring program and it is crucial toward your long-term growth, employee morale, and for the workplace safety you need to attract and retain those valuable employees, partners, and others involved with your business.

Now comes the COMPLIANCE part of the hiring process.  We can help you meet FCRA Compliance from the first hiring task, we help you meet STATUTORY Compliance to create the audit trail REQUIRED to satisfy federal and state level regulators, and we provide the compliant support documentation, as part of our service on every task and every Applicant.

Our role is clearly defined.  We have a 100% FCRA compliance record with over 5-Million Background Checks completed, since 1986.  Now in our 31st year of nationwide operations, our longevity is due to our hands-on process, the quality of our personalized work effort to analyze and report factual data from the authentic source agency and/or public record, and it is conveyed to our clients in an easy, understandable communication with factual and compliant documentation attached.  Turnaround time is usually Same Day to 36-Hours.

Your hiring decisions become evident once each Background Check task is completed.  Proven and factual data from the source is the key element to our quality reports.  More than an “Online Database” result, we prove the “Personal Identifying Information” (PII data) on each task, so there are “NO Name Matches”, “NO Guess Work”, and “NO Short Cuts”!  That’s the key to our 100% FCRA compliance record!

I know we can help you with one or more aspects of your current program.  We provide access to our SmartSheet Platform at no cost to our clients.  This platform provides an Inventory of all subject names, along with the results for FREE.

Please contact me today to make arrangements.  Thanks in advance for your kindness and the opportunity to improve your Background Screening and Hiring Due Diligence program.  Joseph Hirsch |  800-336-1001  |

UTAH – Background Checks Must Be Done Timely!

The expanding national business of wholesale and retail Cannabis cultivation, and sales, means certain ADMIN must be accomplished timely.  Licensing creates a mandatory process with statutory requirements, one being the completion of “Background Checks” on every person involved in the business enterprise.  There are no exceptions.

Contact us today to meet and execture the UTAH Department of Agriculture guidelines.  We have your back for national criminal records and related FCRA compliance for every task associated to your Employment and Pre-Employment screening program.  100% FCRA complaint over 30-years, our firm can help you today.   800-336-1001


Alexa _ Are You a Criminal?

Privacy of Personal Identifying Information, or “PII” data, is a concern growing exponentially in the current social media environment, but also with the Hardware and APPS associated to the “FANG” companies, and many other firms, as they are called on the street.

Where do you think YOU stand with your “PII” data being breached, stolen, and used to steal your money, or Can it Harm You in Other Ways, you never dreamed about…?  What is the definition of privacy you voluntarily give away every day?

Once your data is in cyberspace, it most likely will be there forever, you may agree.  Like Background Checks that establish past conduct and work habits for employment, these devices are breaking new ground in the legal aspects of your conversations, whom you converse with, what you say aloud and what data is being gathered on YOU!

This recent story below concerns a lawsuit against Amazon related to the Privacy issues, State laws that vary by State, and the Legal Rights of individuals in the social media environment, which are the same rights you may have when using that social media Hardware, and what happens to the stored information after the fact?  All good questions each of us must consider into the future.


Medical Information Breach: ID Theft

Almost everyday another online data Breach is acknowledged, this time by Quest Diagnostics.  The company suggests “no Medical information was breached” only the Personal Identifying Information (or PII data) and financial credit card numbers, which is really as critical to your personal security and financial well-being as your Medical test results.

Always know that the software platform one uses with these electronic applications, with phone APPS, banking APPS, etc are always the weak link and the source “touch point” for the majority of online breaches that happen.  They simply are not as secure as the company, and the software engineers, would tell you daily.  Here is the story link:

CNBC: Quest Diagnostics says nearly 12 million patients may have had data breached

Know that our company can help you with advice and consult with you on any of these breach issues.  Securing your personal data takes an effort, one must be proactive, especially when you know your data is now in cyberspace to be exposed and/or used by cyber criminals, et al.

Always check your credit profile for FREE, at, which is the official FTC website to all 3 major credit bureaus.  End/


Breach: Identity Theft Risk

The recent First American Title breach has been quantified as 885 Million customers that have had their Personal Identifying Information (or PII Data) exposed via cyber crime.  The Identity Theft and misuse of this PII data is like every other breach and must be handled by YOU personally.  Continue to check your Credit Profiles, at each of the 3 major credit bureaus and monitor your financial and credit transactions moving forward.

A Class Action has been filed, so here is the link:

Protect yourself.  Check your credit reports.  Call The Accu-Facts Company if you need help securing your data.