Alexa _ Are You a Criminal?

Privacy of Personal Identifying Information, or “PII” data, is a concern growing exponentially in the current social media environment, but also with the Hardware and APPS associated to the “FANG” companies, and many other firms, as they are called on the street.

Where do you think YOU stand with your “PII” data being breached, stolen, and used to steal your money, or Can it Harm You in Other Ways, you never dreamed about…?  What is the definition of privacy you voluntarily give away every day?

Once your data is in cyberspace, it most likely will be there forever, you may agree.  Like Background Checks that establish past conduct and work habits for employment, these devices are breaking new ground in the legal aspects of your conversations, whom you converse with, what you say aloud and what data is being gathered on YOU!

This recent story below concerns a lawsuit against Amazon related to the Privacy issues, State laws that vary by State, and the Legal Rights of individuals in the social media environment, which are the same rights you may have when using that social media Hardware, and what happens to the stored information after the fact?  All good questions each of us must consider into the future.


Medical Information Breach: ID Theft

Almost everyday another online data Breach is acknowledged, this time by Quest Diagnostics.  The company suggests “no Medical information was breached” only the Personal Identifying Information (or PII data) and financial credit card numbers, which is really as critical to your personal security and financial well-being as your Medical test results.

Always know that the software platform one uses with these electronic applications, with phone APPS, banking APPS, etc are always the weak link and the source “touch point” for the majority of online breaches that happen.  They simply are not as secure as the company, and the software engineers, would tell you daily.  Here is the story link:

CNBC: Quest Diagnostics says nearly 12 million patients may have had data breached

Know that our company can help you with advice and consult with you on any of these breach issues.  Securing your personal data takes an effort, one must be proactive, especially when you know your data is now in cyberspace to be exposed and/or used by cyber criminals, et al.

Always check your credit profile for FREE, at, which is the official FTC website to all 3 major credit bureaus.  End/


Breach: Identity Theft Risk

The recent First American Title breach has been quantified as 885 Million customers that have had their Personal Identifying Information (or PII Data) exposed via cyber crime.  The Identity Theft and misuse of this PII data is like every other breach and must be handled by YOU personally.  Continue to check your Credit Profiles, at each of the 3 major credit bureaus and monitor your financial and credit transactions moving forward.

A Class Action has been filed, so here is the link:

Protect yourself.  Check your credit reports.  Call The Accu-Facts Company if you need help securing your data.

Cyber Crime:

Today, all Consumers, and Society as a whole, has to deal with DATABASE BREACHES that expose YOU to fraud, criminal cyber crimes, and theft of YOUR money online and otherwise.  The weak link is always the SOFTWARE PLATFORM one uses for Banking, dealing with Retailers, dealing with Medical providers, dealing with Insurance companies, or any other business one has to conduct electronic process.  Phone APPS, which is Software on your I-Phone or Android Phone, is another growing source for CRIMINAL THEFT and CYBER CRIME TO STEAL YOUR MONEY unwittingly.

This post relates to a Title company, one of the most significant firms in America, whereby they admitted to a Breach of your proprietary, personal data:  Real estate title insurance company points to “design defect” in one of its production applications!  What a great way to articulate the weak link to a Software problem, after the Fact you were harmed.

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FELONS Can Be Hired Too:

Uber, like every other firm, must make Hiring decisions and Hiring due diligence a paramount part of the pre-employment screening process, at their firm.  In today’s environment, management must consider all aspects of FCRA compliance, and related guidelines, to assure, measure, and exceed industry guidelines.  Hiring FELONS is always a concern, but “How Will You Handle an Applicant, with that type of history”, at your firm?

As employers turn to alternative talent pools, many are weighing background-check data with tricky questions about risk, job-eligibility and fairness    Read the Article ›





Lehigh Valley: Firms Hiring

Walmart and over 30 other firms are hiring in the Lehigh Valley and throughout all of Pennsylvania and New Jersey too.  Begin your search for an open position and take advantage of the current marketplace in Allentown, Easton, Bethlehem, Scranton, Wilkes-Barre, Hazelton and Harrisburg today.  In New Jersey in Phillipsburg, Trenton, Camden, Newark and Atlantic City.


FBI _ Internet Crime Complaint Center or IC3 (STATS)

The mission of the FBI is to protect the American people and uphold the Constitution of the United States.  See the 2018 IC3 summary crime report at the link below.  Criminal convictions and apprehensions is certainly relevant when the perpetrators are found!

The purpose and mission of the IC3 Unit is to provide the public with a reliable and convenient reporting mechanism to submit information to the FBI concerning suspected Internet-facilitated criminal activity, and to develop effective alliances with industry partners.  Information is analyzed and disseminated for investigative and intelligence purposes, for law enforcement, and for public awareness.

In an effort to promote public awareness, the IC3 produces this annual report to aggregate and highlight the data provided by the general public.  The quality of the data is directly attributable to the information ingested via the public interface

The IC3 attempts to standardize the data by categorizing each complaint based on the information provided.  The IC3 staff analyzes the data to identify trends in Internet-facilitated crimes and what those trends may represent in the coming year.

Theft in the Workplace: Don’t Be Surprised !

“As the line between Work and Home blurs, office supplies attract sticky fingers”.  However, acts of Theft are not limited to lower priced inventory, rather the idea of sophisticated White Collar crime and equipment theft (financial frauds, for example) is just as prevalent today as any other time in our economic history.  Better Supervision, better workplace security, and an improved internal audit trail certainly will help.

Read More from “The Atlantic” article:

Your Credit History | When and How to Protect Yourself:

Credit “freeze”, credit “locks”, and “fraud alerts”: What’s the difference and when you may want to utilize each of these personal credit report or transaction solution?  As a Consumer, we each of certain rights and protections, along with understanding how the system works, at each of the 3 Credit Bureaus.

Though they sound the similar, each provides a different level of protection with different requirements. Read the full story

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Faulty Aluminum and Fake Certifications for NASA:

A Supplier delivered faulty aluminum to NASA for 20 years and falsified reports, causing 2 missions to fail
Business Insider

NASA’s Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer (LADEE) observatory launches aboard the Minotaur V rocket from the Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport (MARS) at NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility.  Sapa Profiles, Inc. (SPI), an Oregon-based aluminum extrusion manufacturer, had been sending NASA faulty aluminum for rocket parts.  The company had also been fraudulently altering test results and falsifying certifications.  These faulty parts led to the failure of two science missions.

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