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FMCSA Launches Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse Website:

In March 2019, FMCSA released a new website with new resources with information about the Commercial Driver’s License Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse.  Another Background Check tool available to everyone.

Visit to learn more about how CDL Drivers, Owners and all Employers will be required to use the Clearinghouse beginning January 6, 2020.  Yes, at the end of this year !

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Drivers will need to register in Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse to change jobs, ensure accuracy

The federal CDL Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse, which will be a database of truck drivers who have failed or refused a drug or alcohol test, takes effect in January 2020, and drivers intending to transition to new jobs or ensure a clean record within the Clearinghouse will need to register as users.

Joe DeLorenzo, director of enforcement and compliance of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, spoke Thursday at the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, Kentucky, alongside Larry Minor, FMCSA’s associate administrator for policy.

The Clearinghouse will record all drug test failures conducted for pre-employment screenings, random drug tests and post-crash tests, says DeLorenzo. Carriers will be required to submit failed tests to the Clearinghouse, and they’ll be required to query the database before hiring drivers to ensure they haven’t failed a drug test in the previous three years.

“White Collar” crime takes every form and shape

“White Collar” crime takes every form and shape, so the College Admissions scandal is a current example.  Would you have thought the idea to alter SAT and ACT test scores would work, for example?  Or, the fact that someone else impersonated the TEST Applicant and took the TEST fraudulently?  A Harvard grad no less …!@

Here is the latest Admissions scandal update today with the “Mystery Parent” hopefully being identified today at the Boston arraignments:

Mystery parent paid $6.5 million to get kids into top universities as part of admissions scandal
Los Angeles Times

Of the many outrageous allegations revealed by federal prosecutors in the college cheating scandal, one stands out. Someone paid $6.2 Million…

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