Why YOU Need to do Background Checks Today!


The business environment today continues to have legitimate Human Resource, Security, and Workplace Violence concerns for all Business Owners, all corporate Management teams, and at your organization too.

Added risks are the business threats with Identity Theft, Cyber Crimes and Database Breaches, False Claims from Employees or Third Party Vendors, Workers Compensation issues, Health Insurance fraud, Theft of Services, Theft of Company Property, and Drugs in the workplace too!

Businesses that fail to minimally background screen applicants, employees on the job, and 3rd Party Vendors, are at an escalated higher risk for sure.

Adequate background checks in advance of the job offer or before authorized access to your facilities, is the answer to mitigate your onsite liabilities and to unequivocally protect your Customers.  Plus, that established audit record of background checks substantiates FCRA legal compliance, meets “Best Practices”, while improving employee safety too.

Our firm can help you meet all these hiring challenges today!  As your background screening “Vendor of Choice”, we bring to the table over 30-years of nationwide background screening experience.  Most importantly, we have an unblemished FCRA compliance record, with over 5 Million backgrounds completed, since 1986.  We are your “Boots on the Ground”.

The Accu-Facts Company personnel will help you make the critical hiring judgments with objective, reliable, and vital background check information.  NO Short Cuts | NO Guesswork | Expert Knowledge | Practical Field Experience | and Documented results guaranteed, for over 30-Years time!

What the Applicant Won’t tell you, We will!  |  www.EmploymentScreening.com, since 1986